Three simple steps to tickle any email:

1. Create any email that you want to be reminder in the future.
It could be to yourself or anyone else, and can have attachments.

2. In the "Send", "Copy" or "Bcc" box, add a
special addressee: "interval"
"interval" tells iTickleMe when to send it back to you.

3. Click Send. That's it! Your tickler email will return
to you at theinterval you specified.

Simple, yes?
Interval Examples
Send your email to: Your email returns in: 1 Day 2 Weeks 3 Months 1 Year
Supported Intervals
1d to 60d 1 Day to 60 Days
1w to 52w 1 Week to 52 Weeks
1m to 12m 1 Month to 12 Months
1y 1 Year
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